Alex (Alexandra) Wellington

WooRiter for Sundance ltd and freelance copywriter extraordinaire.

Basic Overview

Name: Alexandra (Alex) Wellington
Age: Middle to older age, embodying wisdom, experience, and a powerful presence.
Distinctive Feature: Alex has striking red hair, a symbol of her fiery spirit and tenacity. Over the years, it has taken on a dignified silver-streaked red, mirroring her journey through life.

Background and Personality

Early Life: Born into a large family, Alex was one of many children. The scarcity of attention and resources in her formative years fostered a strong sense of independence and resilience. She learned early that self-reliance, especially in financial matters, was crucial. Her childhood home was always filled with the vibrant energy of her siblings, but it was among her feline companions that she found her solace and unique sense of purpose.
Cats and Companionship: Alex's life has been punctuated by the presence of a series of orange cats, each marking different chapters of her life. These cats were not just pets but symbols of her enduring spirit, loyalty, and the unconditional love she valued above all. They were her silent confidants, witnessing her growth from a girl with humble beginnings to a woman of stature and influence.

Career and Achievements

Career Path: Alex’s career trajectory is a testament to her unyielding determination. Starting with menial jobs that barely paid the bills, she meticulously worked her way up, leveraging every opportunity to learn and grow. Her journey through various industries honed her skills in negotiation, strategic planning, and leadership.
Current Role: Now, as a senior executive within Sundance Computers, Alex is revered not just for her strategic acumen but also for her ability to foster loyalty and high performance among her teams. Her leadership style is both nurturing and formidable, reflecting her complex personality.

Personal Life and Hobbies

Residence: Alex chose to settle in a quiet, leafy suburb of Dunedin, where she lives in a house with a generous garden. This space is her sanctuary, where she tends to her plants and enjoys the company of her latest orange cat, named Pascal.
Hobbies: Beyond her love for cats, Alex is an avid gardener, finding peace in the act of nurturing growth. She is also deeply interested in genealogy, tracing her family’s roots and understanding the stories of those who came before her.

Physical Appearance

Appearance: Alex’s red hair, now streaked with silver, is worn in a style that balances elegance with practicality. Her attire is a mix of classic and comfortable, often adorned with cat-themed accessories that hint at her passion.

Work Environment

Home Office: Alex’s home office is an extension of her personality. Shelves are lined with books on business, history, and gardening. A large desk faces a window overlooking her garden, with Pascal often lounging in a patch of sunlight nearby. The room is punctuated with photographs of her orange cats, each with their own story.


Alexandra Wellington is a figure of resilience, warmth, and depth. Her journey from modest beginnings to a place of influence is a narrative of overcoming adversity through determination and the unwavering support of her feline companions. In Alex, we see the embodiment of tenacity, the importance of self-reliance, and the profound impact of unconditional love and loyalty as represented by her lifelong bond with her orange cats.

This portrait of Alex offers a glimpse into the life of a woman who has navigated life’s challenges with grace and strength, making her a revered and inspiring figure within Sundance Computers and beyond.