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Barter for Computer Repair

I need so many services I can’t afford, so,
I would like to explore Barter with you.

I am happy to provide Barter computer repair services. If anyone would like to meet-up with me to talk about their skills matching up with my needs, which are great, we could do that at the Repair Café near my house in Tahunanui.

FYI: I will be giving free advice and doing FREE MINOR REPAIR of computer problems at the Repair Café on September 23rd from about 10am to around 1pm.

I would like: my basics covered

weekly housekeeping and quarterly cleaning for rental inspection
weekly cooking and freezing of meals – following my easy plan
mowing and gardening – very small yard, w/ good mower and edger
auto detailing, maintenance, and minor mechanics – replace bulb

I can provide: everything and a bag of chips (for computers at least)

Virus removal and Tweak and Tidy are the majority of my work
Troubleshooting of home and small business Computers and Networks
Consultation on streamlining business processes through automation
Network design, installation, and tuition for Security Camera systems
Project Lead for technology upgrades in small to mid-sized businesses

My current projects are: around building sustainability

build raised garden beds from design using pallets
hydroponics help around siphons
handyman to mount a trophy case and do minor household repairs
push-bike minor mechanics – remove baskets, mount lighting
electric scooter repair – controller replacement
tub reseal and minor plaster repairs in tub room

In my businesses, barter has always been encouraged because any loss of income due to giving special attention is easily offset by the relationship building aspect. Never forget that even in today’s ‘tap phone to pay’ age, barter and cash have their place and need to be respected and maintained.

PS: My barter offering is only my personal services and is not related to the computer sales business that I am building. For paid repair I recommend

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