There are a lot of legal requirements for eCommerce websites these days. We do our best to keep up to date with the latest rules and regulations as you can see by our collection of Legal Notices listed below. If you feel we should add anything to this list or change any of the contents in these links, please notify us at instead of reporting it to any authorities. We will be glad to make the suggested update if it is deemed appropriate. We do read our email, so you can be assured we will get back to you in a timely manner. If you do not feel we have replied adequately you may also call us on 0800 77-9888.

Our legal policies and pages follow the legal government requirements in New Zealand as listed on this website.

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Delivery Costs and GST are either Included or Not Applicable unless otherwise specified in the individual item’s description. We do Not Ship outside New Zealand.

Our Secure Online Payments are handled by Stripe, POLi, or you via online banking. We may at times offer payment options through AfterPay, Laybuy or other options.

We may, upon request and at our discretion, offer returns on physical goods. Please use our Contact us with your order number and return request for consideration. All goods returned must be in re-sellable condition and a restocking fee of 10% may be charged. Please Contact us if you have a defective item or warranty question. We do not offer returns for Services, Digital, Membership, or Subscription items.

See our Complaints Process page to voice your concerns.

Our store uses New Zealand Dollars. See our NZD$ page for details.

Our store is Restricted to the Laws of New Zealand. Any use of this website with intent to defraud is strictly prohibited.

If you have privacy concerns please see our Privacy page.

By using our website and interacting with our company you are agreeing to our Terms and Conditions. By purchasing our products, you are agreeing to the Terms and Conditions of both our Supplier and the Manufacturer of the product. I know this seems excessive, but just consider that each one of these conditions was put in place because somewhere along the line someone miss-used someone’s product or service and brought a lawsuit against the company who produced or supplied it; or somewhere at some time a lawyer had concern that someone might bring up a lawsuit. I wish we still lived in a time when a handshake sealed the deal and a person’s word was their bond.

Warranty Statement

Warrantee on Service: We stand behind the services we provide with free follow-up support, within reason. If you feel that your service was not done properly, we will evaluate the situation and correct the issue with no additional fee. Please keep in mind the fact that computers are complex and sometimes what appears to be a settings change may end up as a parts replacement further down the line. We reserve the right to limit free follow-up work to one technical hour. We also reserve the right to refund your money if the repair does not hold or cannot be fully completed. We will always keep you informed of any additional costs and ask for your authorization before proceeding. Over 20 years of paid repair experience goes into each service.

Warrantee on Sales Items: We stand behind the products sold by us and our vendors with excellent follow-up support. Our national suppliers stand behind all the products they sell with excellent manufacturers warranty returns processes. We only choose items from Manufacturers who stand behind their products with in country authorized repair centres and a track record of successfully fulfilling warranty requests. Over 20 years of paid repair experience has shown us which products we can rely upon, and which items to avoid. Shipping costs, if any, are shared. It will be your responsibility to drop off at our location, or carefully pack and ship items needing warranty repair to us. Shipping insurance is recommended, as we are not responsible for items lost or damaged in shipping. We will cover the shipping and insurance back to you, if required.

Warrantee required by Law: Every item and service sold in New Zealand is covered by the Best Warranty in the World (my personal opinion) which is the Consumer Guarantees Act ( and Fair Trading Act ( Purchase with the confidence that our Government has you covered! For more information, see their website.

Limitation of Damages: In no event shall Sundance Computers or any of it’s vendors be liable for consequential damages while fulfilling or for breach of this warrantee, except where required by law. This means that if you are “Losing $1,000.00 per day” by not having your computer working while we do a warranty repair, you can not sue us for the “$1,000.00 per day” loss. Be aware that only authorized repair centres may perform warranty service and that having not approved technical work done may void your warranty or cause additional fees. Please don’t have your “Friend who knows about computers” try to fix a warranty issue before bringing it to our attension.

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