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Simple Choices of Reliable Equipment from Quality Suppliers. Laptops Desktops & Gaming PCs plus Software Subscriptions and National Support. Have a really good search through all Sundance Computers has on offer, then check out our Market and Blog for even More 🙂


Check out our Market with wares of all kinds, not just Computers Stuff


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Partner with Us

There are a number of ways you can Partner with Sundance Computers.


Sundance Franchise Management structure is composed of Regional and Departmental divisions with customer influence and outsourced legal.


Read our Tech Blog, Partner Info, and Legal Policy below if you like.

  • Barter for Computer Repair
    I need so many services I can’t afford, so,I would like to explore Barter with you. I am happy to provide Barter computer repair services. … Read more
  • Also About test20210509
    This is a TEST User Page
  • About test20210509
    This is a TEST User Page
  • DDR & GDDR RAM Memory
    Double Data Rate Random Access Memory, or DDR RAM is what all computers use. Graphics Double Data Rate or GDDR is what graphics cards use. … Read more
  • Hard Drive Tech
    Hard drives have evolved over the years, and I’m not about to waste space going over their long history. I just want to explain current … Read more
  • Raw Gaming Power
    Gaming Desktops are constantly upgrading as games evolve to need more and more power.  Competition between major players fuels constant innovation.  Luckily for you, we … Read more
  • Desktop vs Laptop
    If you look at the performance, desktops still have a slight edge over laptops.  If you are looking for video upgrades in the future, you … Read more
  • Good – Better – Best : Explained
    Simply Elegant Computer Solutions No time waster specs that don’t match up, just Quick Easy Purchasing of the currently Best Laptops for the price. Stop … Read more
  • BNZ Tap and Pay
    20 cents per transaction at this time Business First Transact account. $1.00 in person transactions. Bank of New ZealandJuly 28, 2023Hi Beki Bird, sorry, BNZ … Read more
  • PC/104 vs Arduino or Raspberry Pi
    Looks like the PC/104 is the real thing and the Arduino or Raspberry Pi are the toys I’m actually quite experienced in troubleshooting the initial … Read more
  • Unsealing new parts
    Don’t keep trash, let the client throw it away. It’s called outsourcing liability.
  • Nexus Tax
    Nexus Tax is when an internet sale is between two entities in different states or where delivery is in a different state than the home location of the selling entity.
  • Internet Source
    There is no one “Internet Source” so to speak because the internet is exactly that, an interconnected network. For New Zealand, there are actually few … Read more
  • Benifits of Logging In
    So what are the benefits of logging in, and if there are benefits does that also mean there are consequences?
  • Contact Us
    Sundance ltd can be contacted in a number of ways. Email us contact@sundancecomputers.nzFree Phone us 0800 77-9888Phone or Text 0275 77-9888Send Snail Mail through the … Read more
  • $ NZD vs $ USD
    This website is priced in New Zealand Dollars and is meant to be an NZ Business Transaction with NZ Individuals and Businesses with Billing and … Read more
  • Impressum
    This is the Impressum page for Sundance Computers a Sundance ltd (NZ) dbaThis page is intended to be in compliance with as many requirements as … Read more
  • Refund and Returns Policy
    This is a sample page. Overview Our refund and returns policy lasts 30 days. If 30 days have passed since your purchase, we can’t offer … Read more
  • Portal
    You don’t need to buy anything to be on our Mailing List.If you make a Purchase, that gives you a Customer Login.You can sign up … Read more
  • Google self writeup
    Sundance Computers offers Simply Reliable Quality – Computers, Software & Repair for New Zealand. Our Computer Equipment choices come from over 20 years experience in … Read more
  • Partner Terms
    This is a collection of Terms and Conditions from our Partners The terms and conditions for a contract with Sundance Computers are similar for Customers, … Read more
  • Credits
    This page contains all the credit due to all the people who contributed to this page. Art Image by OpenClipart-Vectors from PixabayVideo by Tomislav Jakupec … Read more
  • Complaints Process
    Please be assured that we take your concerns seriously and endeavour to provide timely resolutions to all fair and reasonable requests. Firstly, if you have … Read more
  • FAQ – Frequently Asked Question
    Here are some of our most frequently asked questions. Please feel free to add new questions in the comments below. Q: Why not Auckland for … Read more
  • Grandfather Legacy
    My grandfather always told me not to be afraid to purchase quality. He said it might be expensive, but I would not be disappointed. For … Read more
  • Relationship with other Companies
    There are a number of ways we at Sundance Computers are affiliated with other companies throughout the supply chain. We provide “Purchase Assistance and 3rd … Read more
  • Affiliate marketer
    Affiliate marketer status is easy to gain. If you have a friend who makes a purchase and adds your Coupon code, they get 5% off … Read more
  • Pricing Structure
    Ever wondered how we come up with our pricing? It’s simple really. We find the best products at reasonable prices with the best after purchase … Read more
  • Franchising sales and Service business like a boss in 2023
    You had better believe I’m all over that
  • Power Hungry Games – FPS that won’t let you down
    Video Cards are the Most Important thing for Gamers Nvidia GeForce has been the Front Runner in Video Gaming Power since I can remember with … Read more
  • Massive Size Games
    I have concerns that with a 500GB Drive someone might run out of space fairly quickly.  If you want to play a lot of Massive … Read more
  • Hard Drive Space – How much is Enough?
    I always recommend getting the best computer for your needs with the money they have now. Do not save some money for upgrading later, or … Read more
  • Scott S Gruher
    International Manager of Sundance Computers Resume at
  • Profits Structuring
    This is why everyone wants to stay working with Sundance ltd, the Money. A Supporter with a Coupon Code Business Card can earn 5% for … Read more
  • Corporate Structuring
    The structure of this corporation is through a number of Boards with interlinking Memberships. Each person sits on at least one board, but some members … Read more
  • Domain & Hosting in NZ
    This is the Standard Policies & Agreements for Domain purchase and Web hosting with Domains Direct which is my registrar of choice for New Zealand … Read more
  • Understanding Google Cloud WordPress runs best in a Compute Engine n1-standard-1 instance (1 CPU) at $24.27/mo.
  • Youtube Ads
  • Google Ads
  • Huawei
    Huawei devices are no longer available through this website due to the following reasons: The US Government has discovered that Huawei has put a backdoor … Read more
  • Nexus by State
    In the United States of America today there exists a Wild West of eCommerce taxation whereas any state, county, city, or region can declare a … Read more
  • Trade Mark For trademark info, please contact
  • about us
    This is the information about us. Sundance Computers (US) is part of an international co-operation of Sundance ltd a New Zealand registered Limited Company Squaredad, … Read more
  • Paid advertising and Sponsored Content including Affiliate offers
    Paid advertising and Sponsored Content including Affiliate offers We at times do have affiliate offers.
  • Vendors, Suppliers, and Subcontractors
    Vendors, Suppliers, and SubcontractorsWe do not have employees. We do have vendors, suppliers, and subcontractors.
  • European Taxes
    European TaxesWe do not sell to locations within Europe.
  • American Taxes
    American TaxesWe do not sell to locations within the United States, for that please see
  • New Zealand Taxes
    New Zealand TaxesWe are not yet GST registered because we are still well below the threshold.
  • Freedom of information
    Freedom of information
  • Cookies and Tracking
    Cookies and Tracking
  • Opt-Out Unsubscribe
    Opt-Out Unsubscribe
  • Childrens Protection
    Childrens Protection
  • Privacy and Ownership
    Privacy and Ownership Protecting your private information is our priority. This Statement of Privacy applies to and Sundance ltd and governs data collection and … Read more

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