Partner with Us

There are a number of ways you can Partner with Sundance Computers.

You can Opt-In to our Mailing list. You can Share the good word about us on Social Media or via email. You can sign up as an Affiliate marketer and use Coupons to earn cash for referrals to us. You can set up your own eCommerce Store by signing up as a Vendor in our Market. High volume purchase Discounts are available for Wholesaler accounts. Franchise Locations can purchase Repair Parts and access Level 2 Support.

You should start by Logging In to this website. Once you have a login to our website, you can request partner status by emailing

Benefits of Partnership

Sundance ltd (NZ) strictly licences the use of it’s eCommerce payment management and scheduling system along with its codes of conduct and instructions for service work flows through Partner and Franchise agreements.

Definition of Contractor Relationship

Contractors in the area all own one share of the Sundance ltd (NZ) company which entitles them to draw shareholder salary in uneven amounts and at different times as directly related to their individual performance in fulfilling contracts with Sundance ltd (NZ). Contractors are not employees as they set their own schedule of availability, the client chooses from times available, the contractors use their own tools, and the contractors do not work physically at Sundance ltd locations.

Partner Products Category

These items are restricted to Partners Only. Your Membership Agreements with Sundance Computers a Sundance ltd dba will define your relationship. Contractors can purchase and keep your own tools and equipment here. Special order items you have requested will be available here. Talent Managers can use this area to organize the Availability of Talent and Franchise Locations can also Manage licensing of Software Subscriptions, Support Contracts, and instructional intellectual property.