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Barter for Computer Repair

I need so many services I can’t afford, so,
I would like to explore Barter with you.

I am happy to provide Barter computer repair services. If anyone would like to meet-up with me to talk about their skills matching up with my needs, which are great, we could do that at the Repair Café near my house in Tahunanui.

FYI: I will be giving free advice and doing FREE MINOR REPAIR of computer problems at the Repair Café on September 23rd from about 10am to around 1pm.

I would like: my basics covered

weekly housekeeping and quarterly cleaning for rental inspection
weekly cooking and freezing of meals – following my easy plan
mowing and gardening – very small yard, w/ good mower and edger
auto detailing, maintenance, and minor mechanics – replace bulb

I can provide: everything and a bag of chips (for computers at least)

Virus removal and Tweak and Tidy are the majority of my work
Troubleshooting of home and small business Computers and Networks
Consultation on streamlining business processes through automation
Network design, installation, and tuition for Security Camera systems
Project Lead for technology upgrades in small to mid-sized businesses

My current projects are: around building sustainability

build raised garden beds from design using pallets
hydroponics help around siphons
handyman to mount a trophy case and do minor household repairs
push-bike minor mechanics – remove baskets, mount lighting
electric scooter repair – controller replacement
tub reseal and minor plaster repairs in tub room

In my businesses, barter has always been encouraged because any loss of income due to giving special attention is easily offset by the relationship building aspect. Never forget that even in today’s ‘tap phone to pay’ age, barter and cash have their place and need to be respected and maintained.

PS: My barter offering is only my personal services and is not related to the computer sales business that I am building. For paid repair I recommend

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Also About test20210509

This is a TEST User Page

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BNZ Tap and Pay

20 cents per transaction at this time Business First Transact account.

$1.00 in person transactions.

Bank of New Zealand
July 28, 2023
Hi Beki Bird, sorry, BNZ and Google no longer support Android 7.1 so you may experience issues with the latest required app security updates. BNZ only keep the app available to Android 7.1 as some older customer devices can still support it. You may be able to update to a supported operating system under device ‘Settings > Update’. ^S

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Unsealing new parts

When onsite evaluating makes you unseal new equipment such as testing our fresh power supply on a desktop that won’t boot, unseal new parts in front of the customer. Providing dead parts back to the customer in the box the replacement part came in can be critical for a number of reasons.

The customer may need to save the box if a warranty claim is to be made on the new equipment we have provided.

The customer may need the old dead equipment to provide for warranty replacement or insurance reimbursement.

The client likes to have a physical box to represent the money sold.

The dead part can be a talking point or kids toy for teens to tinker with.

If we keep it, we have to pay to throw it away.

If we keep it we may be tempted to waste time second guessing if the item was indeed useless with additional unpaid troubleshooting.

If we have to keep it, be may need to dis-assemble it into parts and even then, those parts may fault on us in the field or shop and trigger even more unpaid troubleshooting.

If we keep it we will probably have to pay to throw it away.

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You don’t need to buy anything to be on our Mailing List.
If you make a Purchase, that gives you a Customer Login.
You can sign up as a Promoter and earn cash by giving out coupons.
For higher Commissions as a Promoter, upgrade to Wholesaler.
Promote your Technical Skills by joining our Vendor program.
Star Vendors get offered District Management positions.
Vendors interested in streamlining their Tech Support business and expansion through scaling can express interest in our Franchise Opportunities.
International Technicians interested in Support Immigrating to New Zealand may also express their interest.

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Google self writeup

Sundance Computers offers Simply Reliable Quality – Computers, Software & Repair for New Zealand.

Our Computer Equipment choices come from over 20 years experience in home town repair shops fixing everything that breaks. We only choose the Simplest to use and most Reliable equipment of high Quality with great warranty and repair support. Current favourites are to get a good Phone that matches well with your Laptop and a suite of useful Software that matches your interests and meets or exceeds your requirements. This is often augmented by a nice Big TV and a Tablet on the night stand. Don’t forget Backups in the cloud and in your glove box literally. System critical devices should have a Maintenance Contract. Feel Free to Contact Us NOW!

Legal Policy Partner Info

Partner Terms

This is a collection of Terms and Conditions from our Partners

The terms and conditions for a contract with Sundance Computers are similar for Customers, Affiliates, Wholesalers, and Vendors; Please don’t do anything illegal or abusive on purpose, previous contracts are no guarantee of future contract offerings, and we reserve the rights to refuse service. Further details available upon request to

Our standard agreements include the agreements of the manufacturers and suppliers agreements.

We do our best to adhere to all fair and reasonable standards and have used the following links as guides.

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Grandfather Legacy

My grandfather always told me not to be afraid to purchase quality. He said it might be expensive, but I would not be disappointed.

For those who are not able to pay for our Simply Reliable Quality computers, software, and repair, we are registered as a WINZ provider and have payment plans available.

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Relationship with other Companies

There are a number of ways we at Sundance Computers are affiliated with other companies throughout the supply chain.

We provide “Purchase Assistance and 3rd Party Repair” of all Computer Electronics regardless of Make or Model. Some older equipment may not be financially responsible to repair, but we can still do it. In this way, we are not directly associated with any other company and are free to give honest opinions without coercion, collusion, fear of negative consequences, or offers of reward.

We may be “Affiliated” with another company which is implies that we gain something from recommending them. This may be in the form of monetary compensation, preferential treatment, or just good will.

Dealer and Service Agent

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Affiliate marketer

Affiliate marketer status is easy to gain. If you have a friend who makes a purchase and adds your Coupon code, they get 5% off at the checkout. You receive 5% in commissions after they make the purchase, paid weekly.

You are going to need to Ask us for a Coupon Code with your name on it!

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Pricing Structure

Ever wondered how we come up with our pricing? It’s simple really.

We find the best products at reasonable prices with the best after purchase warranty and repair services and add a small percentage of mark-up to cover time spent on promotion, purchasing, tracking, and possible returns and hope there is some profit in it for the company. Most of our profits come from service. Service pricing is based upon current minimum wage, where one person may get the equivalent of minimum wage for the time they spend, while another, more skilled person may effectively get 1.25 times minimum wage or even time and a half. It is worth noting that Sundance Computers, a Sundance ltd dba, has only shareholders, directors, and contractors, and has no employees. This means payments are never made as “pay” and contractors are responsible for their own taxes and accounting.

We often play with the total price our formula spits out to make things more human friendly like say $1,995.00 instead of $2,984.27

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Franchising sales and Service business like a boss in 2023

You had better believe I’m all over that

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Profits Structuring

This is why everyone wants to stay working with Sundance ltd, the Money.

A Supporter with a Coupon Code Business Card can earn 5% for themselves and the Purchasing Customer also gets 5% off, for a total of 10% off of the online store regular price.

As a Returning Customer may earn up to 10% off for yourself by filling out our survey, leaving feedback, and referring your friends.

A Supporter or Returning Customer may apply for Wholesale status and retain the entire 10% for themselves by simply purchasing through their account on the website.

If No Coupon is used, the 10% is retained for Advertising campaigns.

Of the $100 paid by a customer,
$20-$30 is for the Talent,
$12.25-$22.25 is for Overhead
$15 goes to GST Tax * (Actually 0% until Sundance ltd is gst registered)
$12.50 goes to the Franchise Payments,
$10 goes in Coupons, as is mentioned above,
$7.50 goes to the Location manager,
$5.00 goes to the District manager,
$3.50 goes to the Regional manager,
$2.75 goes to the National Manager,
$1.50 goes to the International Manager.

Be Talent and earn 30-60% from your Contract.
If you can’t be talent, but you can do sales:
Start off at 5% Commissions with no Risk.
Upgrade to 7.5% Commission from each Talent Managed.
If you are the top Talent or Commissions earning in your location,
you can be considered District Top Earner and be appointed the
District Manager earning the extra 5% from each Location Manager in their District, for a total of 12.5%.

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Corporate Structuring

The structure of this corporation is through a number of Boards with interlinking Memberships. Each person sits on at least one board, but some members sit on two. Some represent their home board on another board higher or lower. Each Board of Directors is headed by the representative from the board above it. On each side of the Director sit a Lawyer and an Accountant. Then the two heads of divisions in that venture. Finally, a spot for a person from the board below, and one for an example customer.

So with this in mind the Top Board Member and Chief is the representative from SCI.

The First Board “Int” consists of the Chair, SCI Director,
the International Lawyer, Accountant, and Banker,
the SUS and SNZ Division Managers,
The top earning LAX Location Manager,
and finally, a Favourite Customer internationally.

The First, Second Level Board “US” consists of the Chair,
The top earning US Location Manager (always LAX,)
The US Lawyer, Accountant, and Banker,
Top Earners from Pacific, Mountain, Central, and Atlantic time zones,
and finally, a Favourite Customer in the US.

The Second, Second Level Board “NZ” consists of the Chair,
The top earning NZ Location Manager (always ALK,)
The NZ Lawyer, Accountant, and Banker,
Top Earners from the North and South Islands,
and finally, a Favourite Customer in New Zealand.

The First, Third Level Board “US States”
This is an Online Meeting Board with up to 100 participants
consists of the Chair, The top earning US Location Manager (always LAX,)
The US Lawyer, Accountant, and Banker,
Top Earning Managers from All 50 States,
and finally, our Favourite Customers in the US.

The Second, Third Level Board “NZ Districts”
This is an Online Meeting Board with up to 100 participants
consists of the Chair, The top earning NZ Location Manager (always ALK,)
The NZ Lawyer, Accountant, and Banker,
Top Earning Managers from All 53 Districts,
and finally, our Favourite Customers in New Zealand.

Fourth Level Meetings happen at each Location
with Owners, Contractors, and Customers all welcomed.
Join our issues blog stream of posts from locations worldwide.