Legal Policy

Complaints Process

Please be assured that we take your concerns seriously and endeavour to provide timely resolutions to all fair and reasonable requests.

Firstly, if you have a complaint, comment, or compliment feel free to fill out one of our many reply forms scattered throughout our website and marked as “Leave a Reply” or do so on our Contact us page.

Secondly, if your concern has not been addressed to your satisfaction, we are happy to engage in mediation with you. Feel free to choose a mediation service of your liking and give them our contact details, but only after allowing a reasonable time for us to adequately address your concern.

Thirdly, the Ombudsman is available in extreme cases where private mediation does not prove fruitful. Please be advised that the decision of the Ombudsman is final.

It is our sincere desire to avoid litigation. We spend numerous hours reviewing legal recommendations and guidelines, retain legal council, and subscribe to governmental mailing lists for timely updates in order to avoid misconduct. Please use legal action as a last resort only with the understanding that in court, only the lawyers win.

Please feel free to review our Legal page, Contact us, or Comment below.