Emily Preston

National Public Relations and Promotions Manager

With a rich tapestry of cultural insights stemming from her Japanese and Irish heritage, Emily Preston stands at the forefront of Sundance Computers’ public relations and promotional endeavors. Born and raised in the historical heart of Kyoto, Japan, Emily’s early exposure to a blend of traditional charm and modern innovation forged her adaptive and creative mindset. Her journey led her to Auckland, New Zealand, for higher education, where she excelled in Communications and Media Studies at the University of Auckland. This experience, combined with her active involvement in international student societies, broadened her global perspective and honed her communicative prowess.

A night out on the town means walking the Octagon with friends looking for good music.

Now residing in Dunedin, New Zealand, Emily embodies the role of National Public Relations and Promotions Manager with a blend of strategic thinking and creative flair. Her unique perspective is informed by her global travels, a deep-seated appreciation for her cultural roots, and a keen eye for storytelling that resonates across diverse audiences.

There’s no place like Home – like my Home Office in Roslyn

Professional Highlights:

  • Innovative Strategy Implementation: Leveraging her interdisciplinary background, Emily devises and executes innovative PR campaigns that elevate Sundance Computers’ brand visibility and market engagement.
  • Media Relations Mastery: With an empathetic approach and nuanced understanding of media landscapes, Emily fosters robust relationships with press and digital influencers, amplifying our brand’s voice.
  • Event Management Excellence: Emily’s flair for orchestrating high-impact promotional events and product launches showcases our technological solutions while fostering community engagement.
  • Content Creation and Curation: Steering our content strategy, Emily crafts compelling narratives that weave together technological innovations with human-centric stories, enhancing our digital footprint.
Photography helps reveal the beauty and wonder everpresent even in the mundane.

Personal Interests:
A passionate photographer, Emily captures the essence of New Zealand’s landscapes and Dunedin’s urban charm through her lens. Her interests extend to exploring local art scenes, practicing yoga, and delving into meditation, reflecting a lifestyle of mindfulness and creativity. Family remains a cornerstone of her life, with regular visits to Japan to reconnect with her roots and embrace her heritage fully.

Lifetime friends gathering to see Emily off as she prepares to return home.

A Message from Emily:
“In a world constantly reshaped by technology, I believe in the power of stories to connect, inspire, and drive change. At Sundance Computers, I’m thrilled to be part of a team that not only embraces innovation but also values the narratives that bring our technologies to life. Together, we’re not just selling products; we’re enriching lives and shaping the future.”

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