Maxwell Harcourt

As the lead security advisor at Sundance Ltd Computers, Maxwell Harcourt brings a unique blend of cybersecurity expertise and management acumen to the forefront of digital commerce. His journey to New Zealand, initially sparked by a passion for sailing, led him from the tech-centric landscape of Silicon Valley to the picturesque shores of Aotearoa. This transition marked a shift from the hustle of LA to the serene waters and innovative tech scene of New Zealand, where he found a new home and a new challenge in securing the digital frontiers of many companies, like Sundance Ltd Computers.

At Sundance Ltd Computers, Maxwell oversees the cybersecurity framework, ensuring the safety of the e-commerce platform and the integrity of customer data. His approach is characterized by meticulous risk management, a keen understanding of international compliance regulations, and a proactive stance against emerging cyber threats. His methods are not just about implementing state-of-the-art security measures; they’re about weaving a culture of security awareness throughout the organization. Maxwell’s leadership style is a blend of technical prowess and strategic foresight, often likened to a seasoned captain navigating the unpredictable seas of cyberspace. His ability to anticipate and mitigate digital threats has been pivotal in maintaining the trust and safety for all the companies he helps protect, and their clientele.

Maxwell’s expertise is augmented by his detail-oriented mindset, exceptional problem-solving skills, and an unwavering commitment to ethical practices. His vision for Sundance Ltd Computers is not only to safeguard its digital assets, but also to foster a secure and innovative online environment that sets new standards in the e-commerce and computer service industry. As he often says, drawing from his sailing experiences, “In the vast ocean of the internet, it’s not just about steering clear of the storms but also knowing how to harness the winds of change for a smoother and faster journey ahead.”