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Dispute Resolution

Sundance Ltd’s Dispute Resolution Procedures offer clear steps for amicable and fair conflict resolution.

Dispute Resolution at Sundance Ltd.

At Sundance Ltd., we believe in resolving disputes through a structured yet flexible approach, aligning with best practices and the unique nature of each dispute:

  • Online Dispute Resolution (ODR): For disputes arising from online transactions or those that can be effectively managed online, we may offer ODR. This is a flexible, cost-effective method which uses ADR principles and can involve AI-driven processes for efficiency.
  • Consensual Resolution: Initially, disputes are encouraged to be resolved through direct communication and negotiation between the parties, aiming for a mutually agreed solution.
  • Mediation: If direct resolution is not achieved, mediation is the next step. This involves a neutral third party facilitating discussions between the parties to aid in reaching a consensual agreement. The mediator does not make decisions but helps guide the parties to a mutually satisfactory resolution.
  • Arbitration: Should mediation not lead to a resolution, arbitration may be considered. This process involves an independent arbitrator who listens to both sides and makes a binding decision. Arbitration is particularly suitable for disputes requiring a determinative outcome based on legal rights or entitlements.
  • Referral to the Disputes Tribunal: For certain disputes, especially those within the Tribunal’s jurisdiction and financial limits, this provides a simpler and more cost-effective alternative to court proceedings.
  • Court System: For larger sums, and as a last resort, unresolved disputes may be escalated to the formal judicial system. Court proceedings are considered after all other methods have been explored, keeping in mind the time, cost, and potential impact on relationships.

We strive for a dispute resolution process that is accessible, fair, efficient, and appropriate to the nature of each dispute. Our goal is to maintain positive relationships with all parties while ensuring a fair outcome.

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