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Good – Better – Best : Explained

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No time waster specs that don’t match up, just Quick Easy Purchasing of the currently Best Laptops for the price. Stop checking different suppliers prices and specifications, and just Get it Done.

A Good choice is the least expensive item that actually does its job, and does it well.

A Good Desktop or Laptop should be good enough to get the job done without going overboard. Laptops should be rugged enough to handle daily use and be easy to take with you. Battery life needs to be long enough to last the whole day, especially if charged over lunch. All this and it needs to be cheap enough to fit a normal budget, within reason.  This purchase shows that you did not just get the cheapest thing available, but actually cared enough to get something usable.

A Better Desktop or Laptop is right in the sweet spot between price and performance. It should be a real work horse and look good doing it.  With this in your arsenal you will neither be shamed nor envied.  This choice shows you are more concerned with getting the work done than making a stir.  This is the Recommended Solution.

The Best Desktop or Laptop is one that you were able to spend a little bit more on and get those great features and extra power boost. This kind of thing shows that you value your own time and the time of your employees much more highly than the cost of just this one piece of equipment.

Our Custom Desktops & Laptops really have to make money to justify their cost. It doesn’t matter what your special purpose is, the raw power and performance of our custom laptops makes the job quick and easy.   Architecture, medical, security, educational, art, and science industries require intensive power and that’s what these custom laptops. Pair this with our consulting and network design service for maximum performance.  Look to our Custom Laptops item or our Industry Specific page for further information. Call and Ask us directly if you don’t see what you need 0800 77 9888.

Custom Desktops & Laptops usually add an expensive feature like a video card, drawing tablet, waterproofing, massive storage, augmented reality, or huge screen. Custom Gaming Laptops pump Everything up with Thousands in extra capabilities. Industry Specific solution suggestions and Value Added resale Consultations are available.

Gamer Spoiler Alert AMD is Good, AMD + nVidia® is Better, and Intel® + nVidia® is Best.

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