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Hard Drive Space – How much is Enough?

I always recommend getting the best computer for your needs with the money they have now. Do not save some money for upgrading later, or expect to cheapen out on one part and upgrade it next year. These things don’t happen in time for technology to warrant an upgrade instead of a replacement. You are going to own this and keep it as long as you can, so make sure you get it right the first time.

I have concerns that with a 500GB Drive someone might run out of space fairly quickly.  If you want to play a lot of Massive Size games and save a lot of video, this could be a problem. With Fortnite only taking about 90GB and Valorant taking only about 30GB (for now) and streaming video instead of saving it, that really should not be a problem.

Keep in mind that only one of the Biggest Games – Call Of Duty (Black Ops Cold War – 250 GB, Modern Warfare – 231 GB) will fit on this drive at a time. …but it could easily co-exist with Fortnite and Valorent as well as World of Warcraft requires around 62.3GB.  With the Awesome Power of the RTX 3060 even the most massive game will have really high frame rates.

A One Terebite (1Tb) Solid State (SSD) drive is a standard minimum for today’s computers. Remember that upgrading means you are basically wasting the smaller drive being replaced. Get the Largest Hard drive option you can afford.