Phone Systems

This is the area where you can find out our recommendations for phone systems. Did you know that Phone systems are constantly evolving into more efficient and less expensive Solutions? Avoid the pitfalls of single line phone systems most evident when Someone like Spark or Vodafone wants to charge 60 bucks for a landline or 40 bucks for cell phone. Reap the benefits of multiline discounts and inter-office communication systems even if your entire company is five people in your family. Sundance Limited is the parent company of a number of different interrelated technology-based DBA ventures which allows us to not be stuck on selling you our one product even though it is about to be made redundant by newer technology. Sundance computers is on your side and not beholden to any one technology or supplier. We are only interested in servicing your needs. the best way to start is with a personal one-on-one consultation with one of our knowledgeable qualified communications systems architects. If you don’t really want to splash the cash for the very best solution for your situation, maybe you could ask one of our junior technicians what the latest and greatest thing is for you, or maybe you can just purchase one of our many up-to-date guides on how to best use current technology to fill the most common home and home office needs.

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