Wireless Bridge

What is a Wireless Bridge?

A wireless bridge gets a network connection from one point to another using wireless technology. There are so many choices that it could do a persons head in, so I have chosen the best options and collected them here.

What are my choices?

First on the list is a simple bridge from one point to another and this comes in three distances, namely 100 meters, 1KM, or 5KM. Longer options exist but there you get into real heavy duty commercial solutions.

Extra info if you are curious.

Secondly you decide on frequency. The main frequency to use is 5 GigaHertz (5GHz) This is not related to 5G which refers to the fifth generation of cell phone technology. This is the frequency of all the devices I have chosen. Other options would be 2.4GHz which would directly interfere with older devices abilities to connect with their wireless access points, and 3GHz which is often chosen when multiple bridges need to cross each other. All options are available upon request.

Thirdly there is an issue which is not really an issue with bridges any more. That issue is the choice of 802.11 flavours. This is mostly an issue that concerns access point and has faded into the background. The choices are 802.11a 802.11b and 802.11c which are all really old. Then we go to 802.11g which is now considered the “old” version of wireless and 802.11ac which has been the main standard for years and is the only technology used in my choices.

Step One

If you want a wireless bridge, first consider if a more powerful access point is enough to get the WiFi signal to your destination. Please remember that each device that connects to the Access Point takes up some of its range. The example of this might be the Access Point we recommend.

Step Two

Decide which distance you need. Our 100m Wireless Bridge is enough for all your needs between two buildings in the same yard. For longer distances you should choose a 1k Wireless Bridge, or a 5K Wireless Bridge.

Step Three

If you need to have more than one bridge you can re-configure your two endpoints to point at a single MultiPoint Wireless Bridge Endpoint. The choices here in the 100m range are between 90 Degrees and 120 Degrees.

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