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In the United States of America today there exists a Wild West of eCommerce taxation whereas any state, county, city, or region can declare a tax on eCommerce transactions in such a plethora of ways as to make one’s head spin. As a result, an industry has quickly grown up to directly monitor the ever-growing eCommerce tax laws, regulations, and levies concerning transaction within the USA.

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Accomplished IT professional with demonstrated success implementing strategic IT initiatives that improve business functionality with positive impacts on the bottom line. Skilled project manager, with proven ability to lead and motivate teams to maximize productivity. Technology savvy self-starter, adept at moving into new environments and extrapolating from existing experience to quickly adapt to new technologies fluently. Possess first-rate communications and collaboration skills to lead and work in concert with diverse groups effectively. From PS: My full name is Scott Sundance Gruher, but I go by Sundance. Scott was my father's name.