Tech Support Now

Right Now you can be connected with a Technician who will Fix your PC.

Just click the link below, we are waiting for You.

You are welcomed to call us on 0800 77 9888 or text us on 027 577-9888 and we can walk you through connecting to a technician.

This is the test page for helping you remotely with your problems.

Your Technician Virtual unravels problems before your eyes and uses the latest phone app to lead you to the best solution for your problem. Able to service all brands and devices – Android, Dell, Microsoft, Samsung, (Apple devices require one or two extra steps due to their security policy.)

You are about to be automatically connected in ten seconds (if your browser allows) but if you have a preference on your way to connect, please click on it below, otherwise, just pick the top connection.

No this is not a virus, hacker, or scam. This is legitimate remote technical support that you will have to pay a reasonable amount of money for by purchasing the item listed at the bottom of this page.

Remote Support Options

These alternate ways to connect are available to our technicians if you prefer:

Microsoft – Quick Assist


Zoho – Assist

Team Viewer – Quick Support

Microsoft Skype is used in the link above
Team Viewer for PC / Android / Mac / iOS
Microsoft Teams / Meet Now
Microsoft Quick Assist
Microsoft Remote Desktop
Google Chrome Remote Desktop
Apple Remote Desktop
Sundance branded UltraVNC

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