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Simple Setup and Reliable Performance for a Quality Gaming experience.

We take gaming very seriously because for some, gaming is their business.

How to Judge RAW GAMING POWER across different computers.

We have broken it down to two simple questions. How good do you need your computer to be, and how much money can you spend to make that happen? The raw Grunt is a Benchmark of real world performance of both CPU Computing Power and especially for gaming, GPU (Graphical Processing Unit) Computing Power.

Pricing stays fairly stable even though specifications change constantly due to the limited stock people are holding after covid changed supply. This is actually good news, as the computer you receive might even be more up to date with even better specs than the ones listed here, all for the same money.

As for Power, It’s as simple as Good – Better – Best. AMD Ryzen and AMD Radeon (formerly ATI Radeon), Intel Core™ and NVIDIA® GeForce RTX™ well… read this article if you want to dive deeper.

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