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Pricing Structure

Ever wondered how we come up with our pricing? It’s simple really.

We find the best products at reasonable prices with the best after purchase warranty and repair services and add a small percentage of mark-up to cover time spent on promotion, purchasing, tracking, and possible returns and hope there is some profit in it for the company. Most of our profits come from service. Service pricing is based upon current minimum wage, where one person may get the equivalent of minimum wage for the time they spend, while another, more skilled person may effectively get 1.25 times minimum wage or even time and a half. It is worth noting that Sundance Computers, a Sundance ltd dba, has only shareholders, directors, and contractors, and has no employees. This means payments are never made as “pay” and contractors are responsible for their own taxes and accounting.

We often play with the total price our formula spits out to make things more human friendly like say $1,995.00 instead of $2,984.27