EMF Sensitivity Consulting

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EMF Sensitivity is Real. Our professional consultants have years of specialising in this particular area.  This is a One-Hour Telephone Consultation. Please Contact Us if you are interested in booking a Full On Site Survey.

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Are you EMF Sensitive? We can help.

UP TO 10% OF PEOPLE ARE Electromagnetic hypersensitivE

Do you feel better when you go camping away from Cell Coverage?

Do you think it’s possible that all the electromagnetic waves in your area are keeping you from getting better quicker, or even possibly causing you injury? Electromagnetic waves come from a lot of different sources.  Our telephone consulting services can be very valuable for those searching for EMF Protection solutions.  We can do a site survey for you, upon request, to help figure out exactly how much radiation you are being exposed to.  Whether it’s Wi-Fi or bluetooth from your own home, or a neighbour, we can find the source direction and hotspots.  It could be nearby cellphone towers, your Smart Meter, or even the mains power wiring in your walls causing the issue.

Even without an on-site survey, our consulting can help you find practical solutions on reducing your personal exposure.

EMF Sensitivity is not made up or just in your head. It is Recognised by the World Health Organisation. Follow this link for official information from them.
World Health Organization on Electromagnetic fields


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