Gamer Quality 950Mb Fibre Internet – Special


Gamer Quality 950MB Fibre Internet Limited time Special!
359Mb/451Mb/18ms My Results!
Limited time Special! Free Install and Modem with 12-month contract.
Fibre Internet is the Most Reliable and Best Internet Solution Available.


This Limited Time Special is for Home Use Only with a 12 month contract.  Early termination of service will not cancel monthly charges.

This is the way Internet should be.  The Chorus crew come and pull the fibre from the street into your home.  Then they set up the Fibre internet box that provides one computer with internet.  This is the perfect dedicated Gamer setup.  The rest of us want more than one computer hooked up to the internet.  That is why you want our “Fibre Ready” WiFi Modem to the internet box and spread the high speed internet to all the devices in your home or home office.  Your old DSL Modem is often also “Fibre Ready” if you want to use that.  Business locations need to choose the Business plan.  A Static IP is available for $7.50 more per month.  A Static IP address is good for “Gamers who Host” or Businesses who need reliable remote access.

Not all locations can get Fibre Internet.  Text your address to 027 577-9888 for a quick confirmation if you like.  Be sure to include your installation address at checkout.   If Fibre is not available at your location, you will receive a full refund for your purchase of this item.  Some harder locations may incur additional charges from the Chorus Installer.

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