Sundance Limited Mobile & Connectivity Consultation Services


Sundance Limited Mobile & Connectivity Consultation Services: Empowering you with personalized technology solutions that cater to your mobile and connectivity needs, through expert advice tailored to your lifestyle and budget.

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Sundance Limited Mobile & Connectivity Consultation Services

Premier Service Package ($120):

  • Duration: 60 minutes
  • Description: Comprehensive consultation focusing on sorting computer and electronics needs for the entire family or home office. Tailored to offer advanced solutions that cater to both individual preferences and collective requirements.

Standard Service Package ($50):

  • Duration: 45 minutes
  • Description: Dedicated session aimed at understanding your specific needs and offering real, unbiased solutions. This package emphasizes providing practical advice without the influence of commissions.

Basic Service Option ($15):

  • Delivery: Immediate electronic provision
  • Description: Access to an up-to-date, carefully curated list of the best currently available tech options. Ideal for those seeking quick, straightforward guidance.

Each package is designed with your best interests in mind, ensuring you receive valuable, personalized advice suited to your technology needs.

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Premier Service Package, Standard Service Package, Basic Service Option


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