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$43.00 Get your own Domain Name, it’s like Buying Land on the internet or hanging a Sign outside your Business Location.

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The Domain Name is your name on the internet and how people will find you.  This is what will come up in the search engine when people search for you.
If you think about Internet Property like it was a real piece of property “In the Real World” (IRL) the Domain Name would be the sign you put out on the street outside your store.  Some might call it Hanging your Shingle.

The total package of what is necessary to have an eCommerce website is as follows:

1) Domain Name – the sign
2) Web Hosting – the land
3) Web Site – the building

The Web Site then also needs Products, and a Payment System.  We can help you do all of this and more, but the Domain Name is the place to start.

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