Network Architect Design Engineering


Our qualified and experienced network architects will help design an infrastructure to meet your specific needs.   Network architecture design engineering is primarily for upgrades and new network installations.

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Sundance Computers is your preferred choice for computer network designs because of the simplicity of a single point of contact, the reliability factor of regular maintenance and the quality of communication from our design team.

Our Communication is the key to Your Satisfaction, and we know this. That is why our high quality pre-built network designs are only the start. Personal time with our supportive staff will help ease the pain of transition as we help you discover your needs and walk the upgrade path beside you, always available to listen to your specific needs.

Performance enhancements require the Network Architect to have a high level of co-ordination with the Network Technicians during the installation process. Each location provides its own advantages and challenges. You can rely on our Experienced Team to build a network that will outperform for years to come.

We support the full lifecycle of the networks we install. Troubleshooting Repair is so much easier when you were the one who originally built the system. Reliability is much higher when regular maintenance and checks are performed. Upgrading is Easy when you have all the original plans, as well as installation notes and service log.

Purchase one of our Network Design consultations now to be contacted by one of our select staff. Or just pick up the phone and call 0800 77 9888. Mention “Network Design” in your message. If you require Immediate Attention, text or call 027 577 9888.