Warranty Repair and Returns Advocacy – 3rd Party Support


Is your warranty tech support doing your head in?  Don’t get frustrated, get Help.  We’ve got your back!

Sold By: Sundance ltd


Don’t Get Frustrated

Is your warranty repair support making you pull your hair out? Are they making you feel dumb for asking questions or are you feeling like they are dumb, just following a script? Are they giving you the full run around before they’re letting you get the repair you deserve?

Get Even

It’s amazing what a few minutes (or an hour) with one of our technicians on the phone with your warranty support can do! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard clients tell me that I’ve done in one hour what they were not able to do in the last three days. It seems like free warranty tech support is made to frustrate you, so you don’t use it.

Fast Results

Let us help you break through this technology barrier. When I get on the phone with warranty tech support I have already done all of the tests that they are interested in me doing, and so they immediately transfer me to level II support and within a short time we’ve got an address and reference number for you to send your computer in for free repair.


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