HTC XR Elite All in One VR Headset


Dive into unparalleled virtual realms 🌌 with the HTC XR Elite VR Headset. Lightweight, portable, and power-packed for immersive gaming and XR experiences. Let’s VR differently! 💫

Sold By: Sundance ltd


Unleash a new era of virtual reality with the HTC XR Elite All in One VR Headset. 🚀 Experience gaming and XR like never before in a sleek, convertible form factor that goes wherever you go. Enjoy crystal-clear visuals 🌈 with a 3840×1920 combined resolution, and step into a world of vivid passthrough and untethered freedom. Whether you’re battling in intergalactic wars or exploring serene landscapes, the HTC XR Elite offers unparalleled immersion, balanced comfort, and crisp audio. Ready for an adventure? 🎮✨


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