Custom Laptop UltraLight ASUS® Zenbook™


This Laptop is a Jet-setters’ Dream!
UltraLight Power from ASUS® Zenbook™ with Intel® Core™
SCREEN 13.3″ Display
CPU Intel® Core™ i7-1355U (15,630 cpu)
VIDEO Intel® Iris Xe Integrated Graphics (2,686 video)

This laptop has a high-powered CPU matched with an ultra light and hard shell case.  This is a Custom Choice Laptop.

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This is a Custom choice.

Our Custom Desktops & Laptops really have to make money to justify their cost. Visit our post explaining how we choose which choices are Good, Better, or Best here.

Ultralight Laptops have long been dominated by the ASUS® Zenbook™ and Apple® MacBook™ Air.

This Custom choice of Ultralight Laptop, the ASUS® Zenbook™, shows that you highly value saving time and the space around you.  This is the ultimate hardshell.  Please don’t sit on, almost stand on, or drop this laptop on its corner, but, mine took all those things in stride and still ran perfectly.

It was like a good and faithful greyhound.  Silver and fast as the wind.  It would auto hibernate when closed and be ready almost instantly when re-opened, and it could run all day on a charge.  I so loved it, until many years later, it finally had to be replaced with a Gaming laptop.

Specifications change rapidly.  Photos and specifications last updated August 18th 2023:

ASUS® Zenbook™

SCREEN 13.3″ Display
CPU Intel® Core™ i7-1355U
VIDEO Intel® Iris Xe Integrated Graphics
HARD DRIVE 512GB Solid State
Windows® 11 Home

Our experts give you the benefit of their personal research on the best of what is currently available as far as ultra-portable performance.


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