Wifi Bridge


Wifi Bridge brings a network connection where wires won’t go or are not cost-effective.

Sold By: Sundance ltd


This Wireless Bridge (WiFi Bridge) is powerful enough to go the distance between your main building or home and your out building or sleepout without any trouble from rain.  This does require “Line of Sight” which means the two devices must be able to see each other.  5GigaHertz, Wifi AC, 25dBm power output, 8.5W power consumption, with a 13dBi antenna means plenty of power for the short haul of about 100 meters.  Longer distances like 1km or 5km require more power.
Kit includes two units, one for each side, and includes PoE (power over ethernet) power supplies.  These allow the units to be mounted up to 100 meters away from your internet and mains power source, so you can get them up to the window with only one cable. Ethernet cords are not included.  This is only a bridge and does not provide WiFi at the other end, for that you also need a WiFi Access Point sold separately.