Wireless Bridge Configuration – per device


Wireless Bridge Device Configuration – per device.  This is for 15 minutes of configuration which is usually enough time.

Sold By: Sundance ltd


This is configuration time for ONE device.  A point to point bridge has two devices which would require two of this product to be purchased.  A point to multipoint bridge has three or more devices. Device configuration is often able to be done by yourself and because there is always a factory reset button, you are welcomed to try on your own.  If you are not interested in the possibility of hours of frustration, just have me do the configuration for you.  I can do this configuration in my shop if you have the new or used items directly to me.  I can sometimes do this configuration remotely if you have a laptop connected to the internet, a smartphone also connected to the internet, and a lot of patience.  Having a teenager in the house for me to give instructions to is often less time-consuming.