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Profits Structuring

This is why everyone wants to stay working with Sundance ltd, the Money.

A Supporter with a Coupon Code Business Card can earn 5% for themselves and the Purchasing Customer also gets 5% off, for a total of 10% off of the online store regular price.

As a Returning Customer may earn up to 10% off for yourself by filling out our survey, leaving feedback, and referring your friends.

A Supporter or Returning Customer may apply for Wholesale status and retain the entire 10% for themselves by simply purchasing through their account on the website.

If No Coupon is used, the 10% is retained for Advertising campaigns.

Of the $100 paid by a customer,
$20-$30 is for the Talent,
$12.25-$22.25 is for Overhead
$15 goes to GST Tax * (Actually 0% until Sundance ltd is gst registered)
$12.50 goes to the Franchise Payments,
$10 goes in Coupons, as is mentioned above,
$7.50 goes to the Location manager,
$5.00 goes to the District manager,
$3.50 goes to the Regional manager,
$2.75 goes to the National Manager,
$1.50 goes to the International Manager.

Be Talent and earn 30-60% from your Contract.
If you can’t be talent, but you can do sales:
Start off at 5% Commissions with no Risk.
Upgrade to 7.5% Commission from each Talent Managed.
If you are the top Talent or Commissions earning in your location,
you can be considered District Top Earner and be appointed the
District Manager earning the extra 5% from each Location Manager in their District, for a total of 12.5%.