Quick Link URL for Sundance Computers NZ

Sundance ltd dba Sundance Computers New Zealand and the SundanceComputers.nz website also owns it’s own short URL https://s9.nz for use in two ways, as https://s9.nz/yourname and yourname@s9.nz or as https://yourname.s9.nz and you@yourname.s9.nz


F is for Fibre which is Hot Right Now! only $59/m*
*Install $150, Modem $150, & Support 50¢/minute extra

Internet Access Subsidy for Covid Relief New Zealand Fibre! Our Government has said that the People of New Zealand should not have to pay more than $60/month for Fibre internet and Chorus has responded by empowering Sundance Computers NZ as a Service Partner authorized to Resell Fibre Internet. Chorus ltd is the Main Source of Fibre Internet in New Zealand and the Wholesale only sister company to Spark ltd.