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Tablet Talk 2024 – April Edition

In our online computer store, considering the current trends, here are three tablets to look at:

  1. Apple iPad Pro: It’s powered by the Apple M2 chip and is known for its powerful performance and high-quality display. It supports a range of accessories, including the Apple Pencil and Magic Keyboard, making it a versatile choice for both work and entertainment.
  2. Samsung Galaxy Tab S9: This series offers models with different screen sizes, boasting high-quality displays and an included S Pen stylus. It’s known for its responsive performance and is considered the best choice for an Android tablet. Available for purchase HERE.
  3. Microsoft Surface Pro 9: Recognized for its productivity capabilities with Windows 11 and support for Intel processors, it features a high-quality display and is designed with productivity in mind. The starting price is $999. Engadget

These options cater to a range of preferences, from iOS to Android to Windows, quality choices no matter your chosen flavour.

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